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August 30 opening Interlude x10

Opening at 1 November
Destiny (С4) lowrate x5

November 15 opening
Gracia Final x5

Nanna Intrerlude x75
The legendary world of Craft-PvP November 30

Lionna IL x10
2 months of stable work!

All beginners to recruit colonists!

Join the legendary game world in one click.



Once the language site will be displayed in the selected language. После выбора языка сайт будет отображаться на выбранном Вами языке.

Future server's settings change voting

Autumn on

Selection Chronicle for Low-rate server

Selection rate for Low-rate server

15 Feb

On 5 March Nanna x75 on

On 5 March, the opening of Nanna x75 on…

On 5 March, the opening of Nanna x75 on
with technical support of

Meet the spring together with our European friends!

Over a year has passed since the opening of the last craft-pvp Interlude on our PTS assembly, which was appreciated by players from around the world and was asked from us for a long time. We will not take a direct part in the organization of this server, but we will provide full technical assistance to our friends.

The server is created with full technical support from and this means maximum quality of Interlude assembly, the best defense against DDoS attacks, high-quality server's hardware, the scripters/programmers with years of experience.
All game policies, the concept, the server rules, policy regarding third party software, opening event, in general everything that is not the technical side will be fully organized via team.

We want to draw your attention to the fact that is a European-Brazilian project with about 90% of international audience, which as we all know plays more stable on servers, not running on new projects at the slightest misfortune and not looking for new server every week on l2top and mmotop. If they start playing, they do that until the end.

At the moment they have successfully working for more than 3 months server Wrath x5 , it was opened on 7 November. Online shows good results people weight, market live, Hiro and other chats are active.
A fresh screenshot of Giran and statistics registrations by country.

Basic description of the server, you can read in this thread:

Also I will answer any of your questions, help to solve any problems in Skype ostintm or write in Skype of Russian support L2dex - kazamadex

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27 Nov

Black weekend! The bonuses for the support of our project

Black weekend! The bonuses for the support of our project…

Black weekend! The bonuses for the support of our project

In the period from 27 to 30 NOV, all players who are willing to support our project, will receive bonuses in the amount of 10% of TODs for each refill


If you will refill your account on 200 rubles, you will receive 220 ToD.
If you will refill your account on 1000 rubles, you will receive 1100 ToD

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18 Nov

[Lira x7] Master of Enchanting

Those with the most impressive gift of enchantment will find…

Master Yogi's Tale

Master Yogi is a dedicated disciple who has returned from a long pilgrimage with much to share. He is offering to share his enchanting tales with all who wish to learn more. He has much to offer those who are willing to put their patience and devotion to the test. If you possess the strongest of faith, you could be rewarded with goods many only dream of.

General Information

Collect Master Yogi's enchant scrolls by hunting monsters and retrieving the scrolls that they drop. When you have obtained several scrolls, visit Master Yogi and purchase a Staff of Master Yogi for 1,000 adena. Use the event scrolls to enchant the staff and see how powerful you can make it! The higher you enchant the staff, the greater the reward that Master Yogi will have for you.

Master Yogi's enchant scrolls will also be available for sale by Master Yogi. You may purchase 24 enchant scrolls for 6,000 adena but only once every 6 hours (per account). If you don't want to wait for another 6 hours or hunt for more scrolls, you can purchase additional scrolls for 77,777 adena each.

Once you have enchanted the staff as much as you dare, give Master Yogi the staff for one of many rewards.

Event Items

Icon Item Name Description
Master Yogi's Scroll: Enchant Weapon - Use this scroll to enchant the Staff of Master Yogi. This item can be traded, dropped, and stored.
Staff of Master Yogi Purchase this staff for 1,000 adena from Master Yogi. - This item cannot be dropped, sold, traded, or stored.

Event Dates

The event will run from NOV 18th, until DEC 5th. From DEC 2nd until DEC 5th, no more event enchant scrolls will drop but you will still be able to purchase scrolls from Master Yogi and turn in any remaining event items. All event items (scrolls and staffs) will be deleted during the weekly server maintenance on DEC 5th.


Those with the most impressive gift of enchantment will find themselves with the most powerful of prizes.

Good luck and happy enchanting!

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13 Nov

Announce Spring with, choose your server!

Dear friends! Many of You know that from the beginning…

Dear friends!
Many of You know that from the beginning of the summer in our plans was the opening of the low rate server which is not adjacent to Gracia Final and High Five Chronicles.
We are glad to inform you that due to numerous requests of players, we will announce the opening of a new server. You will decide what server will be opened!

Now you have the opportunity to choose between Interlude, Lineage Classic and the last part Ertheia.
At our disposal is the best time-tested Interlude assembly , the last part Lineage 2 Ertheia which is fully complies with the official servers, and Lineage Classic. During the voting, which will be available in the coming days on the website, we will determine which server will be most interesting for our future players.

After the closure of voting and determining the build of the server will be open a few discussions on the characteristics of the server and its concept. We want to give players maximum of opportunities and choice in what will be the next server. You can choose server rates, its features, the range's store, to discuss other important issues.

Comments in this thread are welcome!

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